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About College


About College (AFC)

“Even a journey of thousand miles starts with a small step” – Lao Tzu

Annai Fathima College started its, pursuit of intellectual quest, amelioration and the scholarly pursuit with a simple beginning in the year 1992. At present we have grown to a sizeable and quite impressive strength. We seek to add value education to the oncoming generations. We do not stop with a vision and the path towards ambition. We believe the future depends, not on mere knowledge but a deeper and truer understanding and feeling. It is not more intelligence that counts but the emotional control too. That is why the latest trend in Education field is ‘Empathetic quotient’. To be more plain, a scholar must grow from the roots of nativity and bloom into the fragrance of efflorescence i.e. a scholar needs to grow into a “Universal Scholar”.

Our college is dedicated towards such innovative and daring venture. We try to mould the future into a meaningful and delightful one. The staff members here are well qualified, matured and have caliber to tailor the future generation to fit into its dreams and aspirations.